how can re/ward help you?


event management

let re/ward run your whole event sustainably for you

Want to run your event sustainably but don’t know where to start?  Or maybe there’s just not enough hours in the day?  Outsource it!  re/ward can work with you to design and execute a sustainable event that meets your brief and budget.

Supplier and venue sourcing

supplier & Venue sourcing

who can you work with to make your event a sustainable success?

Offering all of the quality and level of service you’re used to, at a price you need, sustainable suppliers and venues are everywhere– you just might not have heard of them yet. re/ward can find you the perfect sustainable partners for your event.


Consulting & education

you know events, but do you know sustainable events?

If you’re an experienced event manager, you know events, so might not need a full end to end event management service, you just need some advice on how to make the switch to sustainable events.  re/ward can offer consultancy and training sessions to get you clued up.

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