who is reWARD?

reWARD is a sustainable event management company based in Kent founded by Danielle Ward.

a little bit about Danielle

Danielle has worked in the event industry for over 12 years, mainly in the corporate and financial services sector.  She loves events and creating memorable experiences, but was getting tired of doing events for events sake, and frustrated with the excessive amounts of single use items and waste that was being created. Yes people had a nice time, but was that it?  She needed a purpose.

She started to experiment with sustainable event initiatives – stopped doing giveaways and printed brochures and started to think more mindfully about what event stands were made from and what to do with the waste after an event.

But, she didn’t want this to be a ‘nice to have’ or a sideline to her dayjob, but something she could focus on and embed in every event.  She left her corporate role and created re/ward.


The vision is to get people to re/think how they manage their events.  You can still have the amazing event experience, just without the bad bits.  And it doesn’t need to be difficult. 

As an experienced event manager, Danielle knows the challenges you face – demanding stakeholders, tight deadlines and ever-decreasing budgets – let her show you how you can make your next event sustainable without adding to your stress levels.

No judgement or jargon

And don’t worry, there’s no buzz words or complicated language, it’s realistic and practical – sustainability is complicated enough!

partners & associations

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