Sustainable Events: reWARD your guests and the planet

reward is a sustainable event management company, creating memorable experiences with purpose and style that reduce the negative impacts on the environment and drive positive social change.

reward is all about reflecting on the event management process and how we should be doing things differently. What can you repurpose? What should you refuse to use? It’s time to reject the norm, rethink the impact and reimagine your next event.

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without the bad bits

I could never run a sustainable event

“But my budget is already too small - I can’t afford to run a sustainable event”

Yes you can - Sustainable events cost the same if not less money and can generate new revenue streams for you.

“But I need to have a certain look and feel – I can’t get that premium experience with a sustainable event”

Yes you can – its not about compromising the quality of your event, its about making alternative choices – many of which improve the event experience.

“But I don’t know where to start – I don’t have time to design a sustainable event”

Keep it simple, don’t try and change everything all at once and partner
with experts to build your confidence in going sustainable.

follow us @rewardevents

follow us @rewardevents
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