re/ward is a sustainable event management company, creating memorable experiences with purpose and style that reduce the negative impacts on the environment and drive positive social change.

re/ward is all about re/flecting on the event management process and how we should be doing things differently. What can you re/purpose? What should you re/fuse to use? It’s time to re/ject the norm, re/think the impact and re/imagine your next event.

event management

supplier & venue sourcing


consulting & education

amazing events

without the bad bits

I could never run a sustainable event

“But my budget is already too small - I can’t afford to run a sustainable event”

Yes you can - Sustainable events cost the same if not less money and can generate new revenue streams for you.

“But I need to have a certain look and feel – I can’t get that premium experience with a sustainable event”

Yes you can – its not about compromising the quality of your event, its about making alternative choices – many of which improve the event experience.

“But I don’t know where to start – I don’t have time to design a sustainable event”

Keep it simple, don’t try and change everything all at once and partner
with experts to build your confidence in going sustainable.



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